Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Epilogue


Well, that’s it.  That’s how the story ends, with President Stugotz and Professor Lambert conspiring to create a toilet gator of their very own.  What will they do with it? God only knows…or maybe I do.

Thanks to you blog readers who liked these posts even though you had no idea what this book is about.  It will make sense when the book is self-published, hopefully by the end of 2019.

Now on to “Son of Toilet Gator!”

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Network News One Transcript #12


Natalie got her wish.  NN1 is no longer just the home of hot ass blonde chicks with big titties.  Now there will be a diverse array of female reporters with average to below average looks and titty sizes.

Do you think ratings will suffer?  Discuss.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 119


Did you see this happy ending coming?

I could go on, but I’ll let Mutumbo sum it up for me:

“Yes, I will be very good for Mr. Cole, sir,” Mutumbo said as he hugged Valerie. “And thank you, Mrs. Valerie, ma’am, for rescuing me from that third world hellhole, a place where I have known nothing but death, destruction, torture and torment since the day I was born and bringing me here to America, where soon, God willing, I will become a typical American child, telling my new parents that they have ruined my life beyond all repair simply for buying me the wrong plastic toy.”