Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 98


Why is Cole being attached to the car with a rope?  Any thoughts?


Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 95


It’s the current year, bigot! Everything is a thing.

But seriously, do you think heteronormative-cuddle-queer-sexuals are really a thing?  Are there men who love hetero sex but also love to snuggle men?

Oh well, at least Rusty can explore his newfound passion with Moses and Felix.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 92


I’m proud of this chapter.

There was a running buildup throughout this book.  Why did Cole and Sharon get divorced? Why did Sharon leave that day?

Finally, we’ve found out.

Marriage is a great thing in many ways.  In our minds, we think maybe it would be great to bed a new person every night.  In reality, only a handful of celebrity multi-millionaires can sustain such a lifestyle and even then, I doubt it is satisfying.  We are torn between wanting to wait a little longer and see if we can find that perfect mate and forging a partnership with someone imperfect who will forgive our imperfections and build a life together.

Sometimes our limits are tested when unexpected things happen.  Time will go on and our mate might suffer one ill fate or another and not be as perfect as they were when we first met them.  But that’s part of the deal.  You stick with them because they pledged to stick with you and vice versa.

Do you think a little communication could have saved Cole and Sharon’s marriage in the first place?