Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 8


It’s fun to play with differing points of view.  Sometimes you can really flip the script and turn a reader’s understanding of things upside down.  We live in a world of competing perspectives and it is interesting to play around in that.

For the past several chapters, we’ve been led to believe NN1 is a disgusting network for filling the airwaves with hot ass blonde chicks with big titties.

Now, Kurt Manley explains the method behind the madness.

Life sucks.  Life is hard for the average person.  Would that average person bother to turn on the news if there wasn’t a chance he might see some hot babes that he can fantasize about?

Probably not.


Toilet Gator Notes – Chapter 7

I love world building and character development.  Both happen here.

World building – We’ve established that NN1 hires plenty of hot ass blonde chicks with big titties to be reporters.

Now we learn that Walter, in his years as an international traveling camera, was constantly berated and put down by the HABCWBTs.  Thus, he’s tired of being a cameraman and failing on purpose in the hopes that he’ll be forced into retirement with a sweet pension and will never have to work again.

Just when you think you’ve written yourself into a corner, think about the world you’ve created.  I couldn’t have Walter be incompetent throughout the book, as funny as it was in the beginning, so I came up with the backstory that he’d be abused by the buxom reporters and now he wanted out.

Meanwhile, Natalie clearly sees the Countess Cucamonga case as her ticket to big time fame so she figures out how to get Walter how to do his job.crocodile-66886__480