Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 115


Love amongst the toilet gator guts.  Who saw that coming?

I did.  You should have too.



Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 114


By now, it had to be obvious that the Angry Barracuda was going to play a big role in taking Skippy down.  At least, I hope I built it up enough.

Thank God that Apache attack helicopter fell off the back of a truck.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 111


It may seem hokey, but this was the moment Cole needed.

Admit it.  We’re all guilty of not appreciating the gift of life we’ve been given.  We wallow in our sorrows, feel hopeless, act like being dead wouldn’t be so bad but then, when faced with the prospect of actual death, we realize the alternative is way better.

Cole had to see those big gator jaws coming at him to realize he wasn’t ready to meet his maker.  For most of us though, death won’t come in the form of gator jaws.  It’ll come in the form of heart disease, cancer, some other bodily issue and though inevitable, perhaps we can stave it off as long as we can by exercising, eating right, etc.

Life is better than the alternative.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 110


“We shall fight the toilet gator on the beaches.  We shall fight the toilet gator on the landing grounds.  We shall fight the toilet gator in the fields and in the streets.  We shall fight the toilet gator in the hills.  We shall never surrender against the toilet gator.”

Do you think Winston Churchill would approve of his speech being used against a toilet gator?