Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 89


You know, just because Maude gives this explanation of the intricate workings of toilet gator science a one-star review followed by a pithy, passive aggressive comment, doesn’t mean you have to.

In fact, if you are so inclined, you could teach that old broad a lesson and give it a five-star review, followed by a gleeful comment.

Does the professor’s teachings make sense?


Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Network News One Transcript #7


Often in life, you have to make a judgment call.  Sometimes you will be right.  Sometimes you will be wrong.  When you are wrong, you have to learn to forgive yourself because usually, you did your best to process the information you had at the time and did what your gut told you to do.

Natalie made a mistake but did she deserve to be berated on air for it?

Also, which is your favorite news channel?  Network News One or the Woke News Network?