Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 75


“Bishop?” Rusty asked.
“Yeah?” Bishop replied.
“You think I could ever find a man who would be willing to do this for me on the regular?” Rusty asked.
“I don’t know,” Bishop said. “Anything’s possible I suppose.”
“But unlikely,” Rusty said. “Because sooner or later he’ll want to invade my behind with his heat seeking moisture missile.”
“True enough,” Bishop said.
“No rear entry is a total deal breaker for male on male relationships, isn’t it?” Rusty asked.
“Maybe not at first,” Bishop said. “But a long-lasting relationship isn’t going to happen unless there’s physical intimacy…of the carnal variety.”
“So, two men can’t just get together on a long-term basis and cuddle without fucking?” Rusty asked.
“Afraid not,” Bishop said.
“God damn it,” Rusty said. “Men are such pigs.”
“We really are,” Bishop replied.

This section makes me laugh, laugh and laugh some more.  Poor Rusty.  He finally found the courage to admit that it has been his life long dream to find a man who would hug him without going further into gay sex and he learns it is possible but unlikely.  Men are such pigs.

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