Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Network News One Transcript #3



#1 – Cable news channels have analysts for everything, so if they have a hooker analyst, it wouldn’t surprise me.  By the way, is it me, or is the title of Sam’s book accurate?

#2 – I love lampooning the media and also political scandals.  Here, Governor Graysmith gets caught hiring a ridiculous amount of hookers.  I don’t know why repeating the phrase “ridiculous amount of hookers” is funny to me, but it is.

#3 – Speaking of politics, it is amazing how the politicians train us through the TV to bark and clap our fins together like trained seals.  It’s like voo doo magic with words.  They think of a talking point and then that’s the response whenever someone questions the inappropriate activity.  Ergo, Governor Graysmith says his wife is depressed about the ridiculous amount of hookers he hired and that if the press asks about it, they’re causing her pain…the press…not the man who hired the ridiculous amount of hookers.

#4 – Natalie sells out, hopefully not for long.

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