Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 9


So, two takeaways from this chapter.

#1 – Whoever the killer is, it must be a voyeur.  A person who wants fame.  Why else would the killer be texting Natalie with tips on the other two murder locations?  Or is this the killer at all?  What do you think the texter’s motivations for dropping tips is?

#2 – I love comedy because you can break the rules.  If this were a serious story, then obviously Natalie throwing on a blonde wig and stuffing melons down her shirt would not allow her to pass as one of NN1’s hot ass blonde chicks with big titties, but since this is a comedy, well, let the laughs begin.

Poor Natalie.  The indignities she must endure in the name of getting ahead in the news business.

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