Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 4


Why are the hot ones always taken?

I think this chapter captures youthful angst and in particular, that notion that we can wipe out our default personalities and hold ourselves out to the world, not as the person we are but who we wish the world would see as us.  Maybe those people are one and the same, though the world often will not agree with our self-interpretations.

For example, Declan the hipster has got his hipster clothes on, his hipster music.  Everything about him is obscure and he likes it that way.

Meanwhile, Darnella is a Goth chick who has concocted a back story in which she has promised herself to a demon and thus can’t accept Declan’s offer to go get an artisanal scone.

I suppose every generation has had its posers, people who pretend to be more interesting than they are, but that trend seems to have expanded with the millennials, seeing as how everyone can now document and promote their eccentricities on social media.

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